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and thanks for joining us. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. we'll have more on a rain- soaked weekend in the forecast. >>> michael vick makes his return. it didn't take long to appear in his first game of the on se 'll hear from vick coming up. >>> and also ahead this morning, they were nine y oung students to help fight intolerance and change the makeup of america's classroom. green, a member of the little rock nine, will join us. >>> danys istill a tropical storm. s bunot so strong any more. the storm has weakened over the atlantic. winds are just about 40 miles upe hounpew.o ical storwaa tch for oaast c is still in to affect today as l swells ctxeedpel toexpected to dangerous surf and life- threatening rip currents. and it's possible danny may regain speed. >> 76 degrees here in the d.c. area. and we turn our attention to tucker barnes and what is going on with danny. > we've had a lot going on. h adwe unththrstorms overnight and wor flooding overnight in baltimore. and we're starting with clouds d humidity and the hpotential of more halfy rain here in washington. not d
but not until tomorrow for us and that could trigger showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. but today, mostly sunny skies. a hot afternoon. high of 92 degrees. we'll have more details on the forecast. right now let's go to lauren demarco in for julie wright. good morning. >>> we have a new accident 50 westbound at the airport and the h.o.v. lane is blocked so stay to the right to get past that. inbound new york avenue dealing with delays at bladensberg road. on the brakes inbound and then again at the 3rd street tunnel. no problems to report on the beltway. we do have a little bit of slow traffic on the op from college park toward silver spring and bethesda. here we are at the mixing bowl in springfield, 95 northbound looking good as you head in. h.o.v. lanes are moving well. and we do have some slow traffic northbound on 95 from stafford toward route 1. and after that it's a smoother trip toward 395 and the beltway. 395 moves across the 14th street bridge without a problem. that's a check of your tab tab. >> lauren, thank you very much. >>> and new this morning, a tishooting in prince george's cou
joins us live with the latest. >> reporter: that is the big question, are there other victims out the? right now we know of two women who have come forward talking to police. police have filed those charges. the women basically saying they came to this clinic and they were inappropriately touched by a man who worked here. police are telling us that man is jorge sanchez. he was arrested on two countses of sexual batry. police believe it all went down inside the chantilly specialist office. the owners have been open with the media as they discuss the alleged crimes. they say in a 24-hour period three female paents complainted about -- complained about sanchez. when they first got the complaint sanchez was not allowed to have any contact with women in the office. the two victims are 27 and 28 years old. the crimes happened between july 20th and august 6th. >> it is very disturbing because i didn't know it was going on. i mean, i haven't experienced anything but niceness from this man. >> she was devastated. this is a devastating, in vasive blow and it's not only were you sexually assault
, 2009. we're glad you're with us. good morning, i'm steve chenevey. >> and for the latest on today's weather and what danny could bring. but first coming up, they rush to get d.c. classrooms ready for students now the same workers were shown the door after a modernization of schools. we'll talk to mayor adrian fenty coming up. >>> and congress works back to work in a couple of weeks, but during the break members en been getting an earful one congressman will join us during the 8:00 hour. >>> we are tracking tropical storm danny. the storm is picking up steam with top winds of about 65 miles per hour. it's expected to pass the coast over the weekend. from the carolinas up to cape cod could see some rain and high surf. >> let's check in with tucker barnes and see if it's good to head to bethany. >> you can see it's showing signs of upper level winds. i'll have more taildes deon dan nwh and where it may track over the next t abaninouh4 wa . shon gt washington weathe it will be summery out there with sunshine and the possibility of a few scattered showers d outhunderstorms. genleal cl
sad eek will join us. >>> and huge match for d.c. united over the weekend, getting ready to take on one of the best teams in the world and we'll get the scoop for this game on sunday. >>> and their epic battle comes to an end. dave versus dave wraps up today as they fight it out to see who can be the best kick returner. >> they both start with one. we'll check o with them. but first we should check in on the forecast for those heading out there. this is the last day for training camp and will they see nice weather. >>> >>> they'll see plenty of sunshine. good morning, everybody. the current reasons reported here in the washington area, a comfortable 65 degrees. very nice out. relative humidity is 73%. a little bit of a breeze out of the northwest making it feel a ttle bit chilly. 5 mile-per-hour winds outf o rtthe hwhwt. ba .0ad30t 8.te 30.08. here is lokothokt ae urite t radaeg for orur . rion. there are clouds out to the west. iot a lot though. even if they pass through the ev ll be a period where you'll have some clouds but for the most part we'll see a lot of sunshine toda
. joining us now the director of the north korea studies. good morning. >> good morning. thank you for having me here. >> the release now of the two american journalists, what message should we derive from this? >> i think we should see this mission for what it was, a narrowly defined mission to bring the two journalists back. despite the 3 hour conversation with kim jong-il, and i'm sure much was discussed, but in terms of perhaps carrots or promised to be made if north korea came back tothe discussion table, i think that remains to be seen. but we'll know that in the next few days. >> looking at the pictures sitting around that negotiating table. one does have to wonder what possibly -- what could the talks have centered around and you say this should become public knowledge but yet we didn't really know that president clinton was even headed to the area. do you think that we will ever find out what happened out of those talks? >> i believe so. because the press reports now show that quite a bit of a number of people have been involved in the discussion with the north koreans, th
're looking at a weather repeat from yesterday. thanks for joining us, i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm claudia coffey. tony will have the weekend forecast in a minute. >>> but looking ahead. you may not have heard of nassau tracking the potential asteroids heading to earth so should we worry. the latest coming up. >>> and band slam hits theaters today and one of the stars grew up near d.c. and he's going to join us live in the 8:00 hour. >>> and the redski are back, but it didn't look like they showed up for the matchup with the ravens. we have the highlights from the beltway beatdown coming up. >>> first let's check in with tony for an update on the forecast this morning. >> good morning steve and claudia. steve summed it up quite nicely. if you liked yesterday, you'll like today. it will almost be a carbon copy. if anything, it will be sunnier today. let's look at the satellite radar. we have some clouds south and st and there is some ipprioecitt precitation across southern portions of acthef chesapeake and the potomac. including a heavy rainfall. that looks like down near mt. vernon, heavy
for joining us, i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. we'll have more on the forecast from tumor, but first also ahead, the debate over health care reform comes to northern virginia as jim moran and howard dean will head up a town hall meeting. we'll be joined by congressman moran ahead this hour. >>> and a lot of stay-at-home moms are get back in the work force but how you can get started. we'll look at that in the 8:00 hour. >> and now i promised everybody tucker barnes. >>> what a beautiful morning and sunshine across the area. and today should be a picture- perfect day. a lot of sunshine expected. we're not expecting a shower or thunderstorm activity today. let's get to the satellite radar and show you what is going on ndyou anou see a whole lot of nothing. clouds off the coast and some shower activity off of the carolinas, but that's about it. ahigh ly sunny day as pressure builds ifrom the north and west. even though the temperatures will be warm, it will be comfortable because the humidity will stay at bay for another day. currently 69 degrees. temperatures jumped one deg
, august 3rd, 2009. thank you for joining us. still, a lot of clean upto do in frederick and carroll. three twisters touched down. the wild winds hit on friday. after spending the weekend cleaning up, residents say they have a way to go and they can certainly use help. >>> we want to get the latest on the weather from tony perkins. >>> they'll get the help in the form of decent weather conditions as the cleanup continues in frederick and carroll county and we'll see a decent day today. we're getting off to a humid start this morning. currently, 71-degrees in washington and humidity is at 84% and you'll feel it and winds att7 miles r. here's the satellite ra'se dasa composite right now and most of sh utloud cover is to th o and east and the precipitation is to the south and east. we won't deal with it today. we have a b of haze and humidity and that will burn off and lead into sunshine. it will be less humid this afternoon and still, warm, high about 89 degrees. more details on the forecast coming up. >> all right, tony, thank you. h > metro's moving forward now. 22 june . nd slammed into t
the heat. temperatures back up into the 90s. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. before the forecast though, if work, we are here to help you land that job. we have a panel of experts on hand this morning for inside tips on everything from getting your resume together, to what to wear to that all-important interview and how to make the most of your time when you meet a potential employer. the number to call is on your screen. it's 202-895-3307. again that number 202-589-3307. we're also holding a web chat on >>> and this morning d.c. public school students have less than a week before they head back to class. are the schools ready for the students? we'll get it all when school chancellor michelle rhee joins us in about 30 minutes. >>> and more on the controversy surrounding michael vick. after do time -- doing time for dogfighting, we'll get more insight on what is ahead for vick as we're joined by the humane society president and ceo in the 8:00 hour. >>> and we'll start by troping the -- tracking the tropics. and bill ha
up on 7:00 on this monday morning. it is august 24th, 2009. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. >>> we'll have much more on back to school day. and also ahead, the suspect behind a string of deadly bombings in iraq confessed to a television audience. with new plans to draw down in american forces in the months ahead. we'll look at the mounting crisis in iraq. >>> and at 8:00 this morning, we're trying to tighten our budgets but what can you do when an unexpected bill or household emergency means you need to come up with cash now. we have tips coming in our money monday segment. >>> one thing we don't have to worry so much about this week is hurricane bill, which is a goner now. now just a tropical storm. but the remnants battered canada eastern coast, knocking out power to 40,000 people. the coastline continuing to see waves more than 30 feet high and the storm was deadly in maine as it passed the northeast u.s. wild waves swept away a group of tourists in maine, killing a 7-year-old girl. saturday a swimmer died down in florida. >>>
today. thanks for joining us. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. first more on what is coming up. the governor's race in virginia, polls continue to show mcdonnell leading creigh deeds. does the president factor in the race? we'll break down the numbers. >>> and our back to school preparations continue. swine flu is not the only health scare for students heading back to class. so we'll get the latest on the immunizations your child will need coming up. >>> and they are a virginia band flying up the itunes chart and they g a spot on the kelly clarkson tour. parachute is here to perform for us this morning. >>> and we are tracking tropical trouble. the first hof the atlantic season beginning to gain strength. bill is a category 2 hurricane and on track to be near bermuda by the end of the week. so what happens after that? we'll find out from tony perkins as we say good morning to him. >> we continue to monitor hurricane bill. you have the latest information there. the most significant thing about the image you're seeing is that you can see atat rmrmoffofon iott this ti
the u.s. but it could impact your weekend at the beach. we are talking 20-foot waves in some places. fox 5 morning news starts right now. >>> it is friday morning, august 21st, 2009. we are glad you're with us on this friday morning. and good morning to you. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. and we'll talk about some of those dangerous spots, ocean city might have some dangerous conditions because of bill. we'll see about that. >>> and looking ahead, students of prince george's county schools head back to school on monday and we'll be joined by superintendent william hite later on. >>> and coming up, the power of one comes hetfrom the power of two. we'll meet a local rabbi and a mom sharing the faith. >>> and you've probably seen her in knocked up, p ject gene's project comes up in the 8:00 hour. >>> and hurricane bill still brewing in the tropics could feel the impact as it whipped by the eastern seaboard, causing big waves. it's expected to pass by bermuda first, causing flooding there. and the secretary of state hillary clinton and her husband are there on vacation right
path keeps it over the water. and looking closer to home. we haeha clouds over us and they're not related to bill or any other systems. partly cloudy skies officially with a fair amount of sun and that's how it will be throughout the course of the day today. reagan national airport reporting temperature of 72 degrees and humidity, 87% and you may encounter fog or haze this morning. bametric pressure 30. plenty of sunshine, hot and humid with above normal temperatures. er our high downtown in the low to mid-90s with the low to mid- 90s as the high across the region. we'll get more on the tropical weather in a bit. right now, here's traffic. >>> we don't have the tropical weather here, but it's important to note, people think they can drive-thru the standing water. that's a big problem with the motorists in the storms. a lot of folks continue to drive-thru that and we've seen in the past, a lot of people have to be rescued because of that. if that were to happen, don't drive-thru it. dry pavement and sunshine, southbound 270 in the clear and no incidents towards the split. la
the president may face a similar scene. >>> plus a sneak peek into a world most of us will not never experience. there is a great book out that gives aa look behind the scenes in the secret service and ronald kessler will tell us what you will learn and it will shock you. >>> and breaking news out of cape cod hospital in massachusetts. eunice kennedy shriver has died. she was 88 and suffered a series of strokes. >> she watched her brothers make their mark in the political arena but she's left her own legacy as a champion of children with disabilities. gurvir joins us with the latest. >> reporter: many expected this and that's why many left their homes to be up with her in massachusetts. eunice kennedy shriver dead at the age of 88. she was from brookline, massachusetts. she was the 5th of kennedy children. most of the children followed advice by entering public service or other competitive occupations. she focused on helping the mentally challenged. her inspiration was her sister rosemary who had been born with a mild mental retardation. she was marid to sergeant shriver junior and shared her l
used in world war ii. john has the details. >> reporter: the army corp of engineers is digging. they still are occasionally digging here and there and they were digging in a pit in this house on the 4800 block of glenn broom road here in spring valley when they a glass frack. it was nun unstoppered frack with a solid substance. it was taken to the edgewood arsenal where it was indicated it was mustard, a chemical agent used to make mustard gas during world war i. so the army said they had an air monitor at that site and that was not activated so they think there was no danger to the public when this flask was recovered, analyzed and then removed from the area. of course this whole neighborhood, sprinvalley, used to be rural land, owned by american university, which turned it over to the army for years of am munition and testing and some of the houses here have been abandoned, including the one behind me. so the army says they are going to evaluate the safety procedures used on this site before they go back to digging in front of this home. meanwhile, neighbors and the advisory
to the north and west and they won't impact us in the way of showers and thunderstorms. that will be here tomorrow as a cold front moves from the north and west. let's look at the current temperatures, 71 at reagan national and 70 at bullless and vwi has a temperature at 69 degrees. we'll have details on the tropics coming up also. we'll look at the traffic now with julie. >>> if you're traveling northbound, that's where the wreck was north of the boulevard from germ mantown to clarksburg and traffic's squeezing by, single file to the right. we have a lot of traffic heading to the accident seen. we're looking at the camera and people coming here are getting around the curve and seeing the traffic and then, literally backing up on the ramp. that's not a good idea, obviously, we're not encouraging that at all. if you're traveling from germanwn, you can stick with 355 and head to 121 and go to the interstate there and go to 118 and don't commit to 207 north oviger -- north of germantown. and then, the crew is slow again in rockville. here we are live and all lanes are opened here. that's a c
on the track for metro, we're used to six and eight car trains, but there could be a mixup. what is it to lead? at pnc, it's doing what most benefits our customers. whether that's building more certifd green buildings an anyone earth. creating online baing tools for the next generation. or making a 10 year, $100 million investment in kids. it's how 've always done business. and will for a very long time to come. pnc. leading the way. >>> metro had hard weeks after the crash in june. a worker was killed on the track last weekend. last month, a train had ten cars an the platforms aren't big enough to accommodate the cars. and that will make the car doors open outside of the station. >>> an employee responsible for that tested positive for drugs and they're in rehab and suspended without pay. >>> d.c. officials are pushing to bring back the controversial check points in a troubled d.c. neighborhood. you ay recall that the police stopped car in north east. and the drivers had to prove they lived in the area or reveal where they were going. the appeals court revealed that was unconstitutional and
instead. no charge have been filed. >>> and we'll ask the mayor about these discrepancies when he joins us live in a few minutes and we'll get some emails for mr. fenty as well. >>> we're continuing to learn now details about the man police say shot and killed three women in a pennsylvania gym before turninthe gun on himself. george sodini has been planning the attack for months, documenting the plan online where he talked about his trouble with women. in one post he wrote women just don't like me. there are 30 million desirable women in the u.s., my estimate. and i cannot find one. not one finds me attractive. we look at what else police have discovereabout the health club shooter. >> reporter: gunman george so dean yes documented his trouble with women on a website. he writes, the biggest problem of all is not having relationships or friends, but not being able to achieve and acquire what i desire in those and many other areas. tuesday the pennsylvania man burst into an all female dance class, killing three before turning the gun on himself. >> he was a hand some man. i don't understand
with us. >> we'll have more on that forecast in a moment, also, ahead, more on the discovery of jaycee lee dugard found alive 18 years after being kidnapped when she was 11. the investigators are expanding the investigation. we'll look at the emotional toil of being captive for that time. >>> a keeping an eye on the developing wildfires in los angeles. it's inching towards n observatory and that's where the transmitters are for the television and radio stations. the crews are dealing with the loss of two of eir own. two firefighters died when their vehicle fell off of a winding mountain road. some also have been injured. >>> they'll not tell you to evacuate if it's not necessary. listen carefully, there was again, people that didn't listen and three were burned and injured because they didn't listen. so, listen carefully and immediately move as soon as they tell you to. >> fire officials could pull back the crews and the flames already charred 18 structures and they're threatening 12,000 homes this morning. >>> that's out west and here, you know, 65 degrees. >> yeah, kind of chilly. >> yea
picture, pretty much rainfall is going to pass telthe north as a ridge of high pressure keeps us calm, but also keeps us baking today. so there is t heslightest chance of a shower or thunderstorm this evening, primarily to the north. only about a 10% chance of tha today. lots of sunshine today, record- setting heat is possible downtown, if we get to 99 degrees, which we think we will, that will be a new record for the day. that's a look at the weather. you now let's get a look at morning's rush hour traffic with julie wright. >>> we kept an eye on the southbound 395 before king street where they were checking for an accident. so far we have come up empty handed so that's good news for you there. and southbound along 395 there. and not bad leaving the capital beltway toward the 14th street bridge. eastbound leaving centreville from 28 towards 29 and continuing in toward 7100, a little bit of a slowdown as you work in from business 234 in toward centreville. traffic slows east of 50 fair oaks continuing to 123 after nutley street to the beltway. 270 looking great. you're in the clear s
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